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Culmstock Beacon


Tt is said that there has been a beacon on this site since the 1500’s when it formed part of the national network of beacons to warn of a Spanish invasion. The beehive shaped structure is built of flint and is said to have been rebuilt in 1870 after the collapse of the earlier one. It is thought locally that the stone structure is unique in its survival.

“It is a cracking spot, but not a place I would want to be on a stormy night!”

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Warning beacon. Medieval or C16 origins but rebuilt after a collapse in 1870. Local stone rubble. Small beehive shaped building. Circular in plan the walls
rise to a slightly projecting eaves under the rounded roof. There is a low flat- headed doorway to south and a circular opening in the roof approximately 1m across.
There are also 2 loops in the walls and some narrow internal ledges which are thought to have lodged the fire bars.